• About BID Council

    San Diego’s Business Improvement District (BID) program is a precedent setting collaboration between the City of San Diego and San Diego’s small business community. For over 20 years, San Diego’s BID system has sponsored various activities designed to improve business conditions in San Diego’s older business districts.
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  • Micro District Program

    What is the Micro District Program?

    The City of San Diego recognizes that not all neighborhood business districts may qualify to become a BID, because they lack a “critical mass” of business tax certificate (business license) holders. The smallest BID in the current system has at least 300 assessed
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  • Tree Means Business

    The BID Council runs an urban forestry program by the name of “Trees Mean Business”. An urban forest is a collective mass of trees found within a community’s boundaries, including street trees, privately owned trees, and trees growing on public land such as parks, schools, and institutional grounds.
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