• About BID Council

    San Diego’s Business Improvement District (BID) program is a precedent setting collaboration between the City of San Diego and San Diego’s small business community. For over 20 years, San Diego’s BID system has sponsored various activities designed to improve business conditions in San Diego’s business districts.

    The seventeen local Districts organize the City’s largest outdoor festivals, manage street banner programs, provide newsletters, websites and business directories, generate special marketing campaigns, manage public parking programs, recruit new business starts, and sponsor various neighborhood activities such as farmers’ markets and restaurant walks.

    The dramatic impact of these activities has developed some of San Diego’s commercial areas to become new vibrant Districts. Twenty five percent of the City’s small business operators are located within the boundaries of one of the San Diego BIDs. Merchants in these neighborhood shopping areas have chosen to assess themselves an annual fee to establish Business Improvement Districts that are authorized by state statute and local City Council policy.

    Each commercial district, comprised of hundreds of businesses, is in turn represented by a constituent-led, neighborhood business association or “Main Street” organization incorporated as a nonprofit management corporation. Under contract with the city, these nonprofit management corporations are responsible for administering programs and activities to promote the shopping districts and attract visitors and residents to shop, dime or play.

    In 1989, representatives from San Diego’s BIDs formed the Business Improvement District Council (BID Council) to serve as a collaborative resource for the neighborhood BIDs. San Diego’s BID Council is the only municipal-wide coalition of individual business or property-based special district programs in the nation. Instead of having individual BIDs all work on similar projects, the BID Council could now more efficiently carry out those programs on a citywide scale. Since its inception, the BID Council has been providing a unified voice for San Diego small and mid-sized businesses and their communities.

    In addition, the BID Council provides additional or value-added activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of its member districts when city or system-wide initiatives or responses are judged to be the most appropriate course of action.

    Board meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at a various locations. See the latest meeting information under Programs, Monthly Meetings.

    The address is: BID Council, C/O MFJ Systems, P.O. Box 81906, San Diego, CA 92138


  • Monthly Meetings

    The BID Council meets the fourth Thursday of each month to discuss common challenges and share successful solutions to current issues as well as information about successful examples of helping support small business. In addition, there is a monthly Executive Board meeting, plus three committee meetings (Advocacy, Projects, and Internal Governance). 

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  • Small Business Support

    Calendar: Under Programs see Calendar of Events

    The BID Council provides support for small business through a variety of programs, administered through the individual Business Improvement Districts. BID EVENTS 2016 CALENDAR