Benefits of a BID

A BID unifies all businesses to work toward a common goal, that often economically revitalized Business District.

A BID mitigates retail sales leakage by allowing the area to compete more effectively for regional market share through the generation of greater local marketing resources and strengths.

A BID supports businesses in the area through commercial recruitment, retention and promotion as well as through the sponsorship of “shop at home” and downtown image-building campaigns.

A BID creates a strong unified voice to represent business interests to local government agencies.

A BID funds other projects such as clean-up programs, decorations, parks and special events.

A BID assists in leveraging public and private resources for program activities, development projects and other commercial revitalization efforts.

Parking improvements include signage, beautification, parking token programs and promotion. The BID does not typically provide “bricks and mortar” financing for the actual development of parking infrastructure due to its limited funding capacity. However, the BID is in a position to facilitate parking improvements.

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