Traditional BID Programs

(Listed In Order of Most Commonly Implemented)

Commercial Marketing Programs:

  • Establishment of a permanent Commercial Marketing Committee.
  • Development and implementation of a commercial marketing strategy and image building theme.
  • Development of a “shop locally” campaign as a means of offsetting existing retail sales leakage.
  • Development of a coordinated annual program of retail-oriented promotions, events and activities.
  • Development of an annual program of special events and activities.
  • Publication of a “Directory of Downtown Goods and Services.”
  • Stimulation of tourism activity.

Civic Beautification Programs And Projects:

(Physical image-building)

  • Streetscape improvement projects such as street furniture and street trees, tree grates.
  • Development of a program of visual amenities such as flags, banners, seasonal decorations, etc.
  • Establishment of a public arts program.
  • Development of improved, more aesthetic, public-private signage.
  • Development of entranceway monumentation, signage, arches and decorations.

Commercial Recruitment and Retention Programs:

(Filling commercial vacancies with the most desirable new businesses)

  • Carry out surveys to determine most desired new businesses to fill existing vacancies or vacancies as they occur.
  • Encourage successful existing businesses to re-locate and/or expand into stronger locations within project area.
  • Attempt to strengthen desired existing businesses that may be weak or failing.
  • Attempt to discourage “hobby businesses” or “functional vacancies “that weaken the project area’s vitality.

BID Programs Administration:

(Providing a support system for BID programs)

  • Possibly hire part-time or full-time BID Programs Administrator.
  • Set up an organizational office, if possible.

Parking Improvements:

  • Expansion and beautification of existing parking.
  • Work to improve public knowledge of existing parking through sponsorship of maps and signage.
  • Provide an organized lobbying force to work for public parking improvements.