Micro BIDs

What is the Micro District Program?

The City of San Diego recognizes that not all neighborhood business districts may qualify to become a BID, because they lack a “critical mass” of business tax certificate (business license) holders. The smallest BID in the current system has at least 300 assessedmembers. A smaller number of businesses limit the district’s ability to generate the revenue necessary to establish and maintain a non-profit corporation.

The City therefore developed a demonstration approach to assist smaller neighborhood business districts in addressing local concerns. These “Micro Districts,” often informal business groups with between 100 and 250 members, had previously been served by City staff through a variety of technical assistance measures, and City Council policy now assigns responsibility for this assistance to the City of San Diego, BID Advocate, Liz Studebaker

Steps to becoming a Micro District

In general, groups of interested business owners begin by establishing a formation committee, comprising business license holders, commercial property owners, local residents and representatives of other community based organizations. This committee or group, initially often on an ad-hoc basis or as a subcommittee of an existing community based organization, identifies district boundaries and surveys the businesses within these boundaries. Based on the survey results, the committee then formulates a preliminary work plan. Ultimately, the group pursues full legal status as a non-profit organization.

For application and consideration criteria please contact Liz Studebaker at the City of San Diego, 619-533-4561. Or email: Estudebaker@sandiego.gov