Bike Friendly Business Districts

The BID Council in partnership with the SDCBC is launching San Diego’s Bike Friendly Business Districts in June of 2012 the BID Council launched the nation’s largest Bike Friendly Business District (BFBD) Click here for more information on the Bike Friendly Business District Program

Parklets- Pedestrian Plazas

San Diego has embarked on a demonstration parklet program in 5 local communities.  Currently there are Parklets in North Park, El Cajon Blvd., and one more soon to be under construction in East Village. Additional ones will be coming to South Park, Little Italy and Adams Ave.


ADA Education/Calendar of Events 2016

On July 26, 1990, Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)…. There was a two year grace period for businesses to comply with the new ADA legislation, which includes a detailed list of specific access and signage requirements. Unfortunately, since this legislation was passed, many landlords and business owners have failed to comply. Many new buildings have been built with little attention being given to access for people with disabilities. More

Maintenance Assessment District (MAD)

A Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) is legal mechanism by which property owners can vote to assess themselves to pay and receive services above-and-beyond what the City normally provides. In the past, MADs were also known as Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs) or Lighting and Landscape Maintenance Districts (LLMDs).  More

Micro District Program

The City of San Diego recognizes that not all neighborhood business districts may qualify to become a BID, because they lack a “critical mass” of business tax certificate (business license) holders. The smallest BID in the current system has at least 300 assessed members.  This program is now available through the City of San Diego, Economic Development Department. Contact Liz Studebaker at (619)533-4561

Public Right of Way Enhancement/ Use Program

The purpose of the Public Right of Way Enhancement/ Use Program is to optimize the growth and income of retail businesses and restaurants by allowing and encouraging the use of portions of the public right-of-way between the curb and the adjacent property line. The Program promotes an environment that encourages pedestrian traffic. It also encourages beautification of the streetscape with landscaping placed in planter boxes and pots. More

Storefront Improvement Program (SIP)

Since 1986, the Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) has provided free  conceptual design service and a financial incentive based on the resulting construction costs to small business owners that possess a valid Business Tax Certificate. More



Special Events Equipment Program



Calendar of Events