Bike Friendly Business Districts

Bike Friendly Business Districts


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What is a Bike-Friendly Business District (BFBD)?

A Bike-Friendly Business District (BFBD) is where a community comes together around bicycles to bike to area shops and restaurants – and where merchants and employees ride, too. BFBDs integrate bicycling into a district’s operations, events, and promotions.

Part of the BFBD Program is using Bike Valet at events, if you are a BID or Micro BID that wants to use our new Bike Event Racks, or have Bike Valet at your event, we have created this guide for you:   Bike Parking at BID Special Events 2013

And thanks to Michale Lowe, we have this fabulous video for the program:  San Diego Bike Friendly Business District


Bikes Mean Business: Bike Friendly Business District from Michael Lowe on Vimeo.