Maintenance Assessment Districts

A Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) is legal mechanism by which property owners can vote to assess themselves to pay and receive services above-and-beyond what the City normally provides. In the past, MADs were also known as Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs) or Lighting and Landscape Maintenance Districts (LLMDs). Because many districts include more than landscaping and lighting, the name was changed to better represent the nature of the districts. Often, the nonprofit organization that manages the BID also manages the neighborhood MAD.

Beginning in February 2004, the Community and Economic Development Department’s Economic Development Division assumed the responsibility for self-managed maintenance assessment districts (MADs). Self-managed MADs utilize a non-profit corporation representing district property owners to be responsible for providing enhanced services to the district. The Economic Development Division manages the City’s internal administrative responsibilities and provides professional support from the City Attorney’s Office and City Auditor and Comptroller’s Office.

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