Public Right of Way Enhancement / Use Program

The purpose of the Public Right of Way Enhancement/ Use Program is to optimize the growth and income of retail businesses and restaurants by allowing and encouraging the use of portions of the public right-of-way between the curb and the adjacent property line. The Program promotes an environment that encourages pedestrian traffic. It also encourages beautification of the streetscape with landscaping placed in planter boxes and pots.

Merchants with ground-level storefronts are able to use the sidewalks in front of their businesses to place A-frame signs, limited displays of merchandise, and outdoor caf├ęs without railings. The Public Right of Way Enhancement/Use Program (PROW) was designed to provide a lively experience for pedestrians and diners and give merchants more leeway to expand their businesses and enhance their income.


The program’s three areas of endeavor are:

  • Freestanding Signs
  • Outdoor Display Areas
  • Outdoor Dining Areas


A business owner will be allowed to locate these items in the public right-of-way provided he or she obtains approval of their BID association and then conforms to the requirements of the program. It is not the intent of the PROW Enhancement/ Use Program to set aside existing or future City, State, or Federal regulations regarding public health, safety and accessibility in the public right-of-way.


Note: Only those businesses fronting on the public right-of-way and located on the first floor may participate in the program.


To review the online document of the PROW requirements visit the City Ordinance site at:…


Questions about PROW should be directed to your BID representative.